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We are currently in DEMO mode as we beta test our epk+ editor and talent features. Create a demo account for just $3 to explore our black label performer websites and underground editor. This is one of numerous membership features in development now on the world comedy web. Want to leave feedback or submit an error report? click here.

The page you are viewing is one of thousands of inroads to the world comedy web. Subscribe to updates for news on our member launch and apply to volunteer for early access.

As of July 18, 2024, the world comedy web root domain has been changed from to You can still use,, world, and numerous other domains to access the site. We changed the root to to make it easier to type in. Because we love you and want you to be happy. All of you. Even the chinese and russian hackers. #noshade. Please refer to FAQs in your user backstage for an updated list of active TLD links for your various beta pages. 

To build a demo page for yourself in the WCf Underground. Click "underground" to tour the new beta page layout. click "create" to create your own test page. When this service launches publicly in september 2024, comedians who have created a demo page will be offered discounted memberships for their first year. As we raise an endowment with our inaugural member campaign, we hope to offer free and low-cost memberships on basis of merit.
Create a free log-on now to be alerted when these opportunities are released to members.

Membership is evaluated for renewal on an annual basis. represented members of the world comedy foundation must show evidence of active participation in stand-up comedy and abide by the wcf mission of comedy for common good. representation is subject to review as per the terms of the wcf end user license agreement. to renew your membership, your account must remain active with a minimum of one posted tour date per quarter or four tour dates annually. To report platform misuse or violation of the wcf eula or code of ethics, click here.

Please direct all questions to our email (above). You can also write to us at 299 Hermitage st., Philadelphia, PA 19128 and reach our direct office line at (424) 275-7273.  To view archives versions of our site map from our past four years of development, visit the wayback machine.  Volunteers receive early access. to join our amazing group of volunteers, please contact us at 
@laugh3volution. Now go out there and save the world with #laughtertothepeople ;D

Want to see how we run things around here?
Come back every day for new sneak peeks of the World Comedy Web.
Create a free account to join the mailing list for our launch.
Create a demo talent account.

Come back tomorrow to e
njoy a super soft demo of our show pages and listing tools.

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