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We've got the mustard 

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Here at the World Comedy Foundation,
we root for the home team. 

That's right, comedians in every town.

We've built a place on the internet for people to come together to discover the comedy of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

And if youre a comedian,
or if you produce comedy,
or if you love comedy,
or if you're even just a wee bit curious about what comedy can do...

There's place here at the table for you.

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World Comedy Foundation Logo_edited.png

undefined talent.

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Apply to be on of the first residents of

we have a crazy idea that whn comdians collectively represent, they can mor quickly achieve their goals 

Joe Rayborne
Guistina Chirco
Kerry Day
Hoo Dis?
Jake Snyder
WCF Webmaster
Oog Son of Ahg
Brian Daniels
Hoo Dat?
Kevin Carrier
Simone Holder
Who's this guy again?
Bonita Elery
WCF Webmaster
Jessica Hitch
Brad Comedy
Anybody know this dude?
Jamie black
Lorinda Hawkins-Smih
Grace Kreeger
World Comedy Foundation Logo

Focus on the funny.

(We've got your back.)

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