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Im bunchy carter and my big day happened on january 17 1969.

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we want non-violence just like martin Luther King.

Bunchy cater

I'm Bunchy Carter and my Big day happened on January 17, 1969. Me and another BPP member named Jhon Huggins Were heard men making derogatory comments about Ron Karenga, the head of the organization. Us other accounts mention a heated argument us members and panthers Elaine Brown. An altercation ensued during which me and Huggins were shot to death.

In the early 1960s, I had a member of the Slauson Street Gang in Los Angeles. I became a member of the Slauson Renegades, a hardcore inner circle of the gang and earned the nickname Mayor of the Ghetto.

I became a leader in the group. Like all Black Panther chapters, the Southern California chapter studied politics, read party literature, and received training in firearms and first aid. We also began the Free Breakfast for Children program which provided meals to the poor int he community. The chapter was very successful, gaining 50-100 new menbers each week by April 1, 1968. Notable members included Elaine Brown and Geronimo Pratt.

Bunchy and his friends was talking about someone in the US organization and they had a heated argument which lead to Bunchy and Huggins dying.

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I believe that this world have so much violence and it needs to stop and everybody needs to come together and stop this it would be so much better without violence.I wish the world would just stop the killing
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