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There we were, the world's home for live comedy on the internet... And then you walked in.

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This BETA tool of the World Comedy Web is currently being PREVIEWED by the public in celebration of Comeday! Happy Comeday, everybody!


JULY 1, 2024

Happy Comeday! What are you doing to celebrate? Tell us at @laugh3volution.
As our gift to you this Comeday, we invite your festival to join the ranks of the World Comedy Web as a member of Big Fun Fest.
Do you offer seasonal or annual opportunities for comedians to submit to a juried selection panel for a multi-show, live or live virtual entertainment event?
For a minimum annual donation of just $50 a year, your festival can enjoy full web representation and integrated reflinks across the

For a minimum one-time donation of $¿?¿? , you can now activate your listing pages for festivals and set your fest to auto-promote across the web on a seasonal calendar.
It's no joke. Just give us a sustaining donation to activate your page, and then fill out your festival dashboard to put your name on the map.

More details on Monthly and Annual Subscription Packages



This is Howie Vogt.
We first met on a train to Seattle.
Seattle wasn't his stop,

but we got off there anyway.

And Olympia.


Festival Memberships

Trust us... you're gonna want to catch a load of this one...

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and then you walked in.

BETA Memberships to BFF for the 2024-2025 Festival Season are now available through World Comedy Foundation

What do I get as a                   member?

🌟 An integrated, multi-page festival website and archive on World Comedy Web.
🌟 Festival promotion across WCW performer, venue, show, and city pages .
🌟 Integrated digital and interactive marketing at every phase of your game.
🌟 A captive audience of comedy lovers across the web and in your backyard.
🌟 A rich, living legacy for you and all of your festival's BFFs present, past and future.

Now, with even more perks

🌟 Comprehensive web development and website and data management.
🌟 Online festival registration, talent scouting and booking.
🌟 NEW SUMMER 2024! All new festivals onboarding for the can now submit a maximum of 10 years of back-dated show flyers and comedian lists to the World Comedy Web for archive generation at no additional cost.

We're the biggest independent comedy EPK
network in the world.

Instantly generate traction, gather leads, and convert festival audience across web, social, and new media spaces.

Hit a home run on an integrated, global platform that crafts a positive brand experience for your talent and fans.

Lettuce spread the word on you.

The World Comedy Foundation represents, communicates with, and builds community among comedy talent everywhere.  Once you're up and running at, the World Comedy Foundation works overtime to get eyes on your brand, talent on your stages, and fans to your pages.

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Comedian? Producer? Join here.

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