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For comedy talent on the rise.

Join the World Comedy Foundation with a Talent+ Account and unlock additional pages and functionality on your Talent website. Press, Media Gallery, Contact, and more. Plus all the perks of our Talent and Fan accounts.

Add your own logos and a custom button. Enjoy added pages displaying your Media Gallery, Press, and Contact Form.

Integrate your Photos across the World Comedy Web with Show, Stage, Festival, and Performer tagging.

Upload Tour Dates with added fields to link your Shows and Production Companies.

All integrated with the World Comedy Web. We'll even maintain it for you with a Digital Tour Manager add-on... Or you can do it yourself right from your phone.

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When you make a donation to the World Comedy Foundation, you instantly unlock a basic member listing on​

Your Own Website!
Enjoy access to your own customizable, multi-page mobile web, designed with the performer in mind. Bio, Media, Tour Dates, Reviews, Contact, Mailing List and more. A smart and dynamic Electronic Press Kit + (EPK+) that you can instantly edit from your phone or laptop. 
Collective Visibility
Sharing a public platform with other comedians means their fans can find you and your fans can find them... x 100000! Grow awareness of your brand and capture the attention of new audiences worldwide.  All roads lead back to the World Comedy Foundation, the world's home for live comedy on the internet.
Content Integration
Thanks to our dynamic mobile web, your content is integrated with front pages for comedy in hundreds of major cities. Plus, the public can access your mobile web directly from venue pages and locate additional information they need to enjoy the show and stay in touch. 
Professional Affiliation
Add your comedy to the ranks of other professional comedians worldwide with your own custom URL. You  can also choose to direct traffic to your World Comedy Foundation mobile web page from your own third-party domain.
Audience Capture
Every comedian needs a mailing list! Your WCF mobile web iis brimming with opportunities for fans to follow you, share their contact with you, send you a message, and even leave reviews for you to share. 
Social Features
Represented members are selected on an ongoing basis for features on our social media accounts, as well as in mailers to WCF members, stakeholders, and local audiences worldwide. Plus, once your content joins the WCF archive, there's no telling where it may pop up. It's the living history of comedy!
A Living Legend
The World Comedy Foundation is carving out a rich and intuitive space to document and preserve the history of performers like you so that it can become visible and valuable to the world at large.  When you share your content with the WCF, you contribute your mark to that story.
A World of Our Own
The World Comedy Foundation is the first and only organization uniquely driven to build a community for comedy here, there, and everywhere. There's no telling what good we can do when we take initiative together. Join up and become apart of the World Comedy Foundation today.
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