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Ken is a funny dude. He loves watching Hulu, and his sweet little pizza boy at home... just call him Papa John. When he's not slinging drinks behind the bar, he's slinging jokes on the stage. He tells jokes about everything from his grandpa at cookouts to his experiences at fast food drive thrus. He's always. got something new, and it's always funny. Ken i s a good dude. One of the most supportive and kind people in the comedy scene. The scene needs more people like Ken in it. Ken always gives 100%, no matter. what number he is in the lineup. He can take a tired crowd and pump them up. Ken never disappoints. You're guaranteed a fun time if you catch him on stage. You can also catch Ken hosting a monthly show, "Paint Me Naked" at the Inchoate Art Gallery in Greenville, SC. It is always a great show. Any show by Good Wood Presents is gonna be off the charts. Catch Ken if you get a chance. He's got a gift of making people laugh, and he'll share it... no question. Written by comedian Chris Wilson
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Ken Wood

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Heading 3

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