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Moonglasses® #90

Moonglasses® #90

39,99$ Regularna cena
29,99$Cena Rabatowa

Outer Neon: Violet

Inner Neon: 


Your choice of black or white shutter frames. Moonglasses® include a 3.3ft black cord with two (2) AAA-battery pack. Batteries included. Enjoy bulk discounts on 10+ pairs and custom frame colors with order of 150+ pairs.

Frame Color
  • Eyewear Dimensions: 6.25" x 6" x 2"

    Moonglasses® require an AC battery pack and Two (2) AA-Batteries to glow. Estimated battery life 20-30 hrs. per charge. Battery pack is attached by a 3'3" cord. Please read all product and safety information before purchase. Use eyewear only as directed.

    Moonglasses® el wire eyewear are illuminated by electroluminescent phosphor (phosphorescent ZnS:Mn powder cell) technology. The color of Moonglasses electro-luminescent wire is achieved both by the glowing of activated phosphor. To achieve some of our warmer el wire colors, the pvc coating of the el wire is also pigmented. Moonglasses do not change colors. They are not LED glasses or color-changing glasses and do not contain LEDs / indirect gap semi-conductors. However, the dye color in the electroluminescent wire coating is also somewhat UV-reactive and will often glow under a blacklight even when the glasses are not turned on.

    Moonglasses® require an AC (alternating current) to glow and must stay connected to their inverter battery pack to remain illuminated. Moonglasses el wire inverter battery pack receives its power from two (2) batteries. Cord length 3.3 ft.  Regular battery packs, which are included with each order, require two AA batteries. These battery packs have three settings: constant glow / 60 beats per minute flash / 120 beats per minute flash. Our Bass Receptor Battery Packs (which can be added on as an upgrade) require two AAA batteries.

    Moonglasses® is a registered trademark. U.S. Serial No. 88155405 . 

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