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World Comedy Foundation Honey baby
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World Comedy Foundation Honey baby

We Invite You.

The World Comedy Foundation is the epicenter of a global movement connecting comedians everywhere. Through our work developing and delivering our new, decentralized 21st century entertainer network, we aim to liberate generations of skilled, independent producers from the historical power that penetrates mass media and shapes the narratives of the mainstream.

We believe that the everyday people hold the key.


We're connecting the dots so that those with the gift of gab and those seeking fresh perspectives can walk right up and knock on each other's doors. Without burning gas.

We believe you shouldn't have to burn gas to post flyers.

For hundreds of years, the voices of the fringe have been forced to echo backward through the capillaries wrought there by the beating heart of historical power. We aim to right that.

We believe connection is the heart of comedy.

Comedy is the good vibration.


Why comedy?

At the World Comedy Foundation, we believe humankind's best friend is the economy of ideas.
By connecting the dots among grasroots performers occupying stages everywhere, we aim to seed the planet with opportunities for free speech through comedy everywhere.

Laughter is human language.

Setting out with the intent to bring a smile to everyone's face is what good leaders do. You may not believe that if you turn on the television, but you will when you engage in our proposition of comedy for common good.

Thanks to your involvement with one or more of the WCF's new partner programs, you have been invited to become a member of the World Comedy Foundation.

Annual Membership is $149/yr or $15/mo.

For a limited time during our inaugural launch, invited members can lock in an annual member dues rate of just $99/year. 


Member Advantages


  • Website

Participate in Global Virtual Shows (explain what Rampantly shows are)

List your own virtual show in WCF's members-only back pages

Submit. your

List your Local mic show on your city's Laugh local page


Use World Comedy Foundation Tools to manage your show.

World Comedy Foundation Logo.PNG
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